Monday, August 22, 2011

Fair Week 2011 - part 1

Fair is SO much fun! 
It is also SO busy and exhausting! 
Here is a glimpse of what we did Fair Week 2011.
 (part 1 of 3)

Thursday night was spent setting up the small animal barn.
This houses the goats, rabbits, pocket pets and poultry during fair.
 Hunny worked SO hard!
She helped move rabbit cages, she held goat panels and she helped the guys climbing ladders by holding containers of screws.
She then ended her evening by playing in the HUGE mountain of saw dust! lol.
 Bug working hard on the goat pens.
Sis and Good Ole Boy working on goat pens.
Saturday was entry of the still exhibits.
 Hunny is a Clover Bud.
So her stuff isn't "judged" like the big kids is.
Here she is talking with her judge, who asks her alot of questions and all and then awards her a green ribbon.
Sis did really well and got 'A' ribbons on everything she entered.
Bug did really good too. 
She got 1 'B' ribbon on her safety poster, but everything else was 'A's. 
Einstein got a mixture of 'A' and 'B' ribbons this year. 
It was mostly his "I don't care" attitude. :(
Saturday was also the Cat Show.
We have never participated in this before so it was a real first for us!
Cats needed shots, and the girls needed to make a poster and a story about their cat.
Here Sis found out that she needs to READ her story to the judge, lol, and she is NOT happy about it! 
Bug showed Rebel and Sis showed Aiden.

After reading their stories and the judge looking at the cats, she walked around and talked with everyone about their posters.
There were about 10 cats being judged.
And Sis won First Place Cat! 

Sunday morning we had to go in and set up Sis's Jr. Achievement Booth display.
She filled in all the 'empty' spots there with ribbons shes won - I thought we'd taken pictures after that but I can't find them....?

Sunday night was animal entry.
Boys are loaded and ready to go.

 Before entering the barn, goats needs weighed and checked by the vet.
Bummer, Wiz didn't make weight! 
He weighed in at 39 lbs and they need to be 45 for the auction.
Anyone looking for a wether?
Rabbits also must go through the health check - here's LittleFoot being looked over.

Check back tomorrow, for part 2 of 
Fair Week 2011.


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