Monday, August 1, 2011

The week before fair

It's the week before fair!!!

We love love love 4H and the fair but this DOES tend to be a stressful week.....
ok, ok, in all honesty,

The dinning room table has disappeared.
Well, ok, just the TOP of the table, lol.
It's piled with our fair tote, feed record notebooks, project record sheet notebooks, and projects in various forms of completion.

Sis goes to finish her leather project tomorrow and then we NEED to go to town and print pictures and go make her letters and such for her jr. achievement booth display.

I plan on posting this week (not sure how much will happen next week), but if you don't hear from me....
well, I guess you know why! :)

In the meantime, I'll share just a bit of what fair crazies look like to us.

Last night we took the goats to the assistant goat superintendents.
Chip and Wiz needed shaved - Bug did a really good job and shaved most of them without help! 
Chip and Emmett also got their CD&T shot - which *I* gave Emmett his. 
Proud, my first goat shot.
(Ideally however, I'd rather be an organic farmer but until I can locate a mentor to teach me I gotta kinda follow along....)

Tomorrow evening, Rebel and Aiden go to the vet to get their last shots since Sis & Bug will be showing cats for the very first time.
(sadly, shots are required to show)
Then we have a small animal clinic to get some showmanship practice in on the bunnies and goats - but we'll probably only bring Chip and his cart tomorrow instead of all three goats.

Thursday night we set up the small animal barn.
It's empty now but by the time we are done all the goat, rabbit and poultry cages will be set and ready to go.

Saturday is entry day! 
Kids can start entering their still exhibits at 8:30 a.m.
Sis needs to reserve her booth space and schedule her interview time.
Cat show is at 1.
(cats don't stay)
After that we will be decorating our goat pen.

 Sunday I hope we can get in to the still barn after church, so Sis can get her booth decorated.
Animals are entered Sunday night.
THIS is quite the ordeal too.
They all need to be weighed, and have health (or for the goats - vet) checks before they can enter the barn, get placed into the assigned pen and taken care of for the night.

Monday is rabbit day.

Tuesday is goat day.
It's also CloverBud day for bunnies so Hunny will show both a goat and rabbit Tuesday.

Wednesday is the small animal auction.
Some years this runs very late.
Wiz will be in the auction.

Thursday is our 4H clubs day to work the food stand.

Friday Sis will have her interview.

Saturday evening is the award program.
After that is done the still exhibits can be picked up.

Sunday morning we pick up animals and tear down the small animal barn - well NOT the barn itself! lol. Just the pens. It gets swept up and rabbit cages get power washed and everything gets packed back into the storage room.

Whew! Tired yet? :D 
What's your fair look like? 


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