Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fair Week 2011 - part 3

Well today I *hope* to share the rest of our week!

Wednesday was a later day.
We got to sleep in some - yeah!
We got to look around some of the other barns
(until now, we really hadn't left the small animal barn).
This turned out to be Hunny's FAVORITE barn!
Huh, who knew?
Luckily it is right next to the small animal barn since after this trip we HAD to go through it at least four times a day! 
She now wants a pig - to live in her bedroom....
This was the sweetest cow!
Almost makes me want one...
 Goat hand milking contest.
Bug was able to borrow a milker - 
she got 4 oz in 60 secs.
Not bad for not having a dairy goat! 
Bug again (she did this last year too)
shocked the audience by grabbing the bucket after it was weighed and guzzling the fresh milk.
Yep. We GOTTA get dairy goats! lol.
 I hadn't signed Hunny up for the milking contest since I didn't think she'd want to touch the udder....
I was wrong and she was MAD at me!
Here she is just for fun - and guess what?!
She got milk too!
After all that milking fun, the barn needed cleaned up and made ready for the night's small animal auction.
Since Wiz didn't make weight, and neither of the Silver Foxes actually had meat pen liters, the girls were out of the auction, BUT we hoped to pick up a wether for eating and/or some pullets.
Bug helps some friends show their chickens during the auction.
We didn't end up buying anything since it all went higher than we wanted to pay during resale.
Bug was REALLY bummed!

Thursday we had our shift in the 4H food stand.
I must admit that this is my LEAST favorite part of fair.
We did have a little excitement as the grill caught fire and we had to be evacuated for a few minutes, but that happened pretty early in our shift and the rest of it d.r.a.g.g.e.d. out forever!
Someone gave these two a buck for a tip and they had to spend it right away, lol.

Friday was pretty slow - just fun with the chores.

Saturday we got to finish looking around.

 Then the kids - human and caprine - got to play on the obstacle course.
They had a BLAST! 
(Emmett really did too - just HE wanted to be loose and not following Hunny)

 The two littles participated in the pedal pull.

Then time to clean up our barn again and get ready for the 4H awards program.
Sis got three awards.
A trophy for baskets and cats, 
and a certificate with medallion for her feed records. 

After the awards we went and picked up everything that was in the still exhibit barn.
Sunday morning was tear down of the small animal barn.

Such a bittersweet time.
Fair is long, but I hate to see it end.

Goodbye Fairgrounds,
Until next year....


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