Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photo Challenge - Your Front Door

What's on my front door?
The doors we have aren't really something you could put a nail into.
Or something you'd want to anyways.
So except for Christmas when I have an over the door hanger for my wreath, the door is empty. 
Occasionally I find a drawing taped there from one of the kids.
In fact, on the screen door (it's only screen on the top half) there is currently Bug's future "tattoo" design (lol) of the Cross with the robe hanging over it.
Because of this challenge though,
I enlisted Good Ole Boys straight eye and stronger, steadier arm to install hooks 
to hang this lighthouse that I've had 

....since moving here five years ago.....

where it's just been resting in the kitchen.....



So I'm really late posting this challenge, 
but make sure you head back to
to see her door! 


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