Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curriculum line up 2010

I thought I'd share what we are using, so you can see how we are learning. :) 

We learn using a unit study method that is Bible based - meaning we cover our Bible studies and everything else lines up with the Bible lessons we are learning. It's published through Alpha Omega - called Weaver. We started this curriculum back in 2002 when I suddenly had two kids to homeschool but had only saved enough money to buy materials for Sis. After pouring over catalogs and searching online, God led me to Weaver. I've been VERY happy with it. This year we are in Volume 5.
The Volume contains the material we are to learn, the Day by Day is the planner that tells what we are to learn each day, and the Supplement gives more in depth material and research topics for older kids, which Sis needs. 

Hunny is wrapping up Weaver's Preschool & Kindergarten curriculum called Interlock. It's a fun study of Creation. She was slow starting out - not ready to sit still for long so we aren't quite finished, but we'll finish it before Christmas. Interlock is currently done three days a week. She also sits in on our volume activities and does many of them with us. 
Interlock works very much like the Weaver volumes do in that it is a Bible based unit study.

Math needs to be added. We have used Alpha Omegas lifepacs since 2002. Hunny will be starting them as soon as she has finished Interlock or I feel she is ready. For some reason I didn't get a picture of them. New this year for the older ones is Switched On Schoolhouse. This is a computer program, we are only using it for math. 

Sis is voluntarily using the "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" book with Hunny. She pulled it off the shelf and asked if she could, so why not? Hunny is doing great. :) Bug will just be reading LOTS of books this year. Sis will be starting high school literature using Weavers Learning to love literature and Reading Between the Lines.  I hope to start this with her today!

In asking what foreign language she wanted to tackle, Sis decided she wanted to learn Hebrew. My brother has studied it in college and he is her 'professor' in this area. He has put together the syllabus and assigns and grades her work. Since he is out of state, they email and facebook alot and will be having weekly phone conferences. He was home for a bit this summer and she had some intensive Hebrew "camp" time. lol It's a pretty hefty course but she will earn her foreign language credits when she finishes. 

All of us are learning Latin. :) I've heard so many wonderful things about adding Latin so we are! It's called Latin for Children and this year we are in Primer A. Bug is VERY excited about this (and so am I!). 

Of course, it seems like the second most asked question (after the famous socialization one!) is How do I know if they are learning what they need for each grade level?!
Sigh. I have these nifty guide books I use from Weaver. One is for elementary grades called Skills evaluation and then On Eagles Wings for upper grades. 

We hope to participate regularly in Karate and Gym Class this year. I also purchased a wii and the wii fit program so that we can be active daily regardless of the weather. :) 
There are lots of other things we use through the year. Weavers Wisdom Words, various websites and books. This year will be challenging in that we are losing our library services, but I'm sure we will survive. I need to look into the University library and see if we can use it. It's amazing how God provides just what we need for each unit we are on. Sometimes it's a neat video, or a field trip opportunity, sometimes even a church service. :) Then there are things like auto-shop, that Good Ole Boy and Sis are working on here & there. Every year is busy and we stay involved in the community through church, Girl scouts, 4H, sports  and the ranch. 

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