Thursday, March 10, 2011


Five years ago we were in a bind.
We needed a bigger house and we needed it fast.
Problem was, aside from our trailer, we weren't finding ANYTHING that was affordable. 
Even one bedrooms were at least double what we were paying in rent for our two bedroom trailer.
I found this place online. 
It was big enough.
We could afford the payments.
It needed(s) TONS of work.

From the front yard
From driveway towards back door
As you can see, the exterior needs work. 
Obviously a paint job! It's like they stopped painting when they couldn't reach anymore...or something. We have blue, purple and browns. Wow, what a color combo. :/
But the primary focus is the roof needs replaced and we gotta get this tree out! 
If you look at the middle picture - you see that a branch is literally touching the peak of the roof.
Cutting branches away from roof
What a mammoth tree!
Here is my dad sitting in the tree.
The guys cut enough of the tree away that we could then get roofers up there.

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