Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It is beginning to get light. It looks cold and dreary. We have been under a winter storm watch but so far...nothing. Funny how Friday was beautiful and had to be in the 60's, Saturday was nice but a bit colder, then Sunday it snowed....sigh.

I am thinking... Oh Lord, how much can we deal with?! On top of everything else, the truck is acting up badly! It's reading a whole slew of codes and we have no means of doing ANYTHING to it and it's sucked through our gas for the week already. Some days I just want to cry...

I am thankful for... Hot coffee, my husband and kids. 

From the learning rooms... Week 3 of our Pirate Study. The vital week and I'm not sure it will be long enough! The History and International Fair is Friday! We need to assemble and 'do' our display board, put together lapbooks/notebooks, watch Treasure Island, read Pirates Past Noon, finish the apple heads, work on a pirate ship, figure out costumes and try out some recipes! It's going to take motivation, cooperation and ingenuity to get it all done.

From the kitchen... Coffee! Dishes didn't get done last night as we had 4H. The counter to the left of the sink has been all cleaned and reorganized. I like it....maybe. I moved the microwave in hopes that it will deter the catch-all area of the counter. I've scrubbed the walls, cupboards and ceiling along the left side too. The shelves along the left side of the window and the big one over the window have all been scrubbed, dusted and have even eliminated a few items! yay me. :)

I am wearing... P.j's, robe and slippers.

I am creating... A clean house for the next season. My goal is to get through the entire house and get all the walls and ceilings scrubbed down. Probably to large of a goal but desperately needs done.

I am going... Nowhere today. Today is Karate and gym class day but Good Ole Boy didn't want us venturing to town with the truck like it is. Probably ok, as it gives us more time for school.

I am reading... Your Defiant Teen - no new reading but I have ATTEMPTED to find more opportunities to praise Einstein. There has been one day. ONE DAY that he was semi-cooperative. And that was only for the afternoon. But I did praise and thank him for things that afternoon. 
From a Distance by Tamera Alexander.
Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne for school.
Six Hours One Friday - with Sis for literature

I am hoping... That God starts bringing us up out of this pit. 

I am hearing...Lady is curled up on me purring, the computer is whirring, Hunny is sleeping on the couch and she is semi-snoring.

Around the house... Kids are asleep. SO much needs done! 

One of my favorite things... I just love watching Emmet run. He does this kick turn that is so funny. :) I love our goats! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Well...all dependent upon the truck, but Good Ole boy & I have dentist appointments tomorrow for "pain only". (These were scheduled in January! Can't get in for our new patient consult until July and who knows how long for a cleaning! Crazy!) Tomorrow night is bell choir, youth group and a homeschool track meeting for Sis. School. Work. Fireproof group. Softball practice for Bug. History & International Fair. Ranch cleanup day. Church. Bug has a church activity Sunday afternoon. 
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Green pancakes & Orange peaches for our St. Patrick's day breakfast.

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