Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday

We celebrate two birthdays in January.
Einstein & Good Ole Boy.
This year was different than most and the celebration was quiet - VERY quiet.

In Weaver, the girls were to PLAN and MAKE (completely on their own) 
a "formal" meal. ;)
They decided that would be for daddy's birthday.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of this! OOPS! :(
What was I thinking?!

They made table decorations.

They planned the menu:
Salad, meatloaf, rice, and chocolate covered strawberries. 

It was to be a grand occasion....
and Good Ole Boy was called into work! Sigh.
The meal was great though. 
We dressed up and had alot of fun! 

Sis made Einstein a cake.
She volunteered! 
I thought that was sweet. :) 
She made a german chocolate cake. 
 She did forget to "turn" the cake (our kitchen is very unlevel) so it was slanted....but we decided that would make a wonderful ski hill and proceeded to find decorations - a lego skier and some pine trees.
Only for the cake to crumble upon trying to flip it out of the pan! Sigh. 
She ended up just mixing the frosting (that she also made herself) into the crumbled cake pieces and they all said it was very yummy. (I don't like chocolate cake so I have to go by their word)

I finally tackled Einstein down and got a picture of him in his (outrageously priced) hoodie.
We made due, and had a good time despite all these snags in our plans. 
After all, the most important thing is to celebrate the person right? :) 

Did you ever plan a birthday celebration that kept hitting snags like this?

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