Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rabbit Show

Saturday we went to a neighboring county for their 4H rabbit show. We've gone here for a few years and the kids enjoy it and tend to do well. They do set up age groups differently though.
 Sis and Ozzy preparing for Intermediate Showmanship.
Thankfully Good Ole Boy was here as Sis was no sooner at the table when they called Hunny to show! 
 Hunny and LittleFoot preparing for Cloverbud Showmanship.
Hunny showing LittleFoot.
This judge was great working with her. :) Very patient and sweet! 
Hunny with her Cloverbud award - a 4H water bottle and drink mix pouch. 
While I was busy with Hunny, Sis was busy showing Ozzy. Good Ole Boy was able to get this shot of her. 
Since Beginner Showmanship was to be held after cavys were done, Bug spent most of her morning helping in the concession area. She LOVES volunteering to help...of course she also loves getting free food! lol. 
Beginners are up. Just waiting for her number and goofing around! 
 Bug and Violet preparing for Beginner Showmanship.
 Bug showing Violet.
 Bug got first place Beginner Showman!
Sis got 8th place Intermediate Showmanship.
Ozzy took BOS Dwarf Hotot
Violet got BOS Himilayan
 and LittleFoot got BOB Lionhead!
What a great day! :)

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