Sunday, March 13, 2011

My goals

One of my biggest goals is to have a farm.
 Complete with barns,
and critters.
I dream of being more self sufficient.
I want dairy goats for milk and milk products.
And meat goats for - well, meat.
 I can't wait to have chickens! 
Farm fresh eggs....yum! 
 I'd love to enlarge our rabbitry too.
It'd be awesome to actually have a rabbit barn and breed more for meat, 4H and shows.
We currently have silver fox, dwarf hotot, himilayan and a lion head. I really like the rare breeds and would like to promote them more.
I would like a large garden.
 To help with our income, I would like to have a daycare. I love kids.
I'd also like to support Good Ole Boy in his goal of having a autoshop.

So there's a few of my dream-goals. 
What are your goals?

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