Friday, March 4, 2011

Rabbit Show

Saturday was our county 4H Rabbit & Cavy Show.
Since we missed our neighboring counties show two weeks ago due to ice, this was our first show of the season. 
We love rabbit shows! 
It was even better since Good Ole Boy had the day off and could hang out and help. :) 
Bug had bought Violet at our fair auction last year, so this was her first time using and showing her.
 Bug & Violet, Junior Showmanship.
 Sis & Ozzy, Intermediate Showmanship.
I LOVE Ozzy's face in this picture! (above) lol.
My job was handing out Junior numbers as they were called for Showmanship. Luckily, my table was situated in between Junior and Intermediate tables so I had a good viewpoint! :) 
Hunny preparing for Cloverbud Showmanship.
 Hunny showing Violet. She has only shown mini rex before and both of ours died this winter. It was quite apparent that she had never shown a himilayan! She wanted to squish her instead of laying her out long...not enough practice I guess. 
Our county gives really nice medals to Cloverbuds. It has a picture of the state on the front and is engraved on back with the county name and event. 
Bug received 7th place Junior Showman.
Sis received 4th place Intermediate Showman.
After showmanship comes breed class.
Violet won Best Of Breed Himilayan.
Ozzy won BOB Dwarf Hotot.
We had a great day! It was of course, long and tiring, but we had alot of fun and are happy with how the girls and bunnies did. :) 

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