Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It's very cold, but at least the sun is peaking over the rooftops. 

I am thinking... PRAYING for Good Ole Boy and the situation he faces at work. I think it's not fair how hard he works, for them to treat him so badly - and of  all the responsibilities he's been given without any compensation and not so much a 'Thanks'. 

I am thankful for... Hearing Emmett Saturday morning and sending Bug out to feed them when I did. Chip got his leg stuck ONTO a wire and it could have been MUCH worse if we weren't home or if I would have waited until after my shower to send her out. Thankful that the bathroom window is close to the goat pen!

From the learning rooms... We are venturing onto our "rabbit trail". Yesterday we discussed WHAT a pirate is, talked about all the different names they were called and read/discussed some scriptures about stealing.
This week, we will be covering alot of the WHAT's. Today will be what they "look" like - along with a discussion of stereotypes. :) Ships, weapons, animals, etc are all on the agenda this week.

From the kitchen... A few dishes are leftover from last night's dinner of pancakes and eggs. (Sis did dishes before dinner) Currently there is coffee. :) Still pondering tonight's fare and will have to walk to the store...

I am wearing... P.j's, robe and slippers. 

I am creating... Lesson plans for this rabbit trail. Not something within my comfort zone! Trying to line up what I think they need to know, Bible verses that coincide, figure out how or what can be done along the lapbook/notebook lines, how can we work costumes and what *I* feel should be included on the display board. Now, I don't plan the whole display board, but if I don't insist certain things will be on there, the girls would be perfectly happy with filling it up with images of Jack Sparrow....LOL! :) Also trying to figure how to tie Hunny's mermaids in - as she insists she is wearing her mermaid tail for the International Fair! :) At least it can tie in. But with our focus being pirates, how much should we devote to mermaids?

I am going... To walk to the Post Office and the store today. Need a few groceries and my Netflix movie should be here! :) We just signed up for the free trial and I have been wanting to watch Fiddler on the roof! haha!

I am reading... Your Defiant Teen ....ummm yeah.
The Remnant by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins - I should finish today.
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson - for school.
Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado - in Literature with Sis.

I am hoping... Our tax return comes quickly! The brakes are fading fast in the truck.... :S 

I am hearing... Lady and Frisky are playing Indy 500 - and driving me NUTS! They are getting extremely rambunctious. Sigh. 

Around the house... Of course there is still much to get accomplished. Laundry is top on my list, ran out of soap yesterday so only did one load of kids pajamas. Didn't get to FlyLady yesterday but really want to today! Cleaning off my counters desperately needs done, not sure when I last pulled out the microwave to clean behind it! Ugh.

One of my favorite things... The feeling of accomplishment when I actually get things done.

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, Bug has pitching practice tonight, bell choir practice, youth group, work, our Fireproof group, *possibly* a rabbit show Saturday, and church.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Another downloading surprise from Bug.

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