Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Well, we did it.

For the FIRST time in our married life, we braved the insanity for a few goodies. Wow!

I used to work at K-Mart so I KNEW the craziness from a cashiers point of view, and honestly, there hasn't been much worth going for. This year was the first. I feel bad for Good Ole Boy though. It was 12:30 when we got to bed last night, only for our alarms to be going off at 3:30. Ouch! AND he has to work all day today! :S 

But - he was game! 

We hit Wal-Mart first at about 4:30 for the 5 a.m. sales. Only one big deal there, something for Hunny. Then he grabbed a fuel filter for his truck and kitty food. (Hopefully the fuel filter helps our gas mileage which has been getting increasingly BAD!) But we got Hunny's big gift at a $50+ savings so that was huge for us. 

Then we headed across the road to Menards. It was 5:15 and doors did not open until 6. We were wrapped around the building and it was bitter cold and extremely windy! So NOT fun!  But we survived and got some good deals there. Good Ole Boy picked up a gun safe, we got Bug's big gift and some stocking stuffers. Plus some more candles for me! :D 

Will we do it again? Ummm, probably not regularly, it depends on the deals, but it wasn't a horrible experience by any means. There was one very rude customer at Menards and a few semi-rude ones but overall people were polite and the employees were very nice and helpful. 

I am happy that we got started on our shopping. 
Have you? 

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