Monday, November 1, 2010

Making your Home a Haven Challenge

Candles - check.
Praying for peace - constant work.
Music & peaceful words - check & constant work.
Organization - constant work. Got more things pitched or ready for GoodWill.

Last weeks challenge of tender moments - went well. We had fun, crazy dance & singing sessions. Girls had a blast although they think we are nuts! lol. :) Einstein of course does not participate. Sigh. I didn't get many backrubs in with the girls but I DID touch them more. Gentle hands on their backs, hands, etc. They did bless each other though.

Einstein however will not let us touch him. Any attempts result in raised fists or screaming accusations that we are hurting him. Double sigh. Overall, we had a great week. 

Now, for this week's challenge -

Week #5 Challenge: Focus on the kitchen, the heart of the home. Cook things with pleasant aromas.
UGH! Not my favorite area. 
I know....not the right attitude, huh? I've never cared for cooking. I wish I did. I am not creative, and when I try my family complains. 
Courtney says first we need to be thankful. I do try and thank God for the food he has provided and I remind my children of that frequently. Fresh tomatoes? Yeah, yuck. But I will use them and say God provided we must be thankful! :) This week meals will be pretty blah and/or interesting. It is the last week of our food until our new months budget hits. Perhaps they won't complain as I dig hot dogs out of the freezer but I bet they will if I pulled the lentils out of the cupboard! But I will *try* and make things pleasing. This is such an area of struggle for me. Since I don't like cooking trying to find healthy, yummy meals that aren't over my head or to mundane and served too often is a challenge.
And sitting the table...? Sigh. Another area of issues. Most nights are in the living room since by the time Good Ole boy gets home, he wants to relax in his recliner. We typically eat when he gets home around 8 pm. Definitely an area I need to think about - what can I do here? 
So this week will be a challenge! I had better think about that....and go pull hot dogs out of the freezer!

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  1. Yes life in the kitchen is definitely a challenge, trying to not make favourite dishes turn into boring because they're cooked too often, trying to scrounge through the pantry and fridge n freezer to find something decent at the end of the budget period... imagination is helpful, and so it friends with good easy family recipes to share :O)