Saturday, November 6, 2010

In the kitchen

So I am working on food for this weeks challenge. A difficult one as we were getting down on choices. I wanted to share what I made the other night. Not sure what exactly to call it.....

Digging in the freezer I found 2 lbs of venison burger. I browned that adding a few onions, salt & pepper. 
I cooked a pot of noodles.

Then, located 2 cans of veggies...

And this box of soup.

I got a 9x13 pan and sprayed it. Then layered noodles, meat, and veggies twice. I poured the cheese soup over the top. Then I baked it until it was all heated and Good Ole Boy got home.

And yes, if you are wondering we like our burger very done with some crispies in there! LOL. :) 
It was very yummy and Hunny even had FOUR bowls! She is the one that will usually pick the meat out and only eat that - if we are lucky. So it was a big hit. Yay! 
(although she thought it was very weird that I was taking pictures of our food)

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