Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Conduct Disorder

So, I got to thinking in the shower this morning....
I have mentioned struggles with Einstein and you probably wonder what I'm talking about. I know I haven't gone into great detail about behaviors, and since this is a public blog, I won't. But perhaps by sharing this, you will have an idea? Einstein has an alphabet soup behind his name. It is my thought that I can do a series on each and every one. I can't say that it will be done weekly, but then maybe it will.
Today I am going to share about Conduct Disorder, which was diagnosed in 2001 before we even had him full time. 
I did a quick yahoo search. 
Of course, there is a little bit at Wikipedia, but I think a better site is athealth or even

A child with conduct disorder is difficult to parent. It's hard on siblings. It's embarrassing. It's hurtful. It's NOT FAIR! 
Kids with conduct disorder don't care about others property or person. They don't follow accepted society 'norms'. 

Here are some "symptoms" we deal with:
*aggressive behavior that harms or threatens to harm people & animals
*bullies and intimidates others
*initiates physical fights - often with a "weapon"
*destructive behavior that damages and often destroys property - not only his own property but frequently others
*fire starting
*extreme anger
*violation of rules

So he was only five when we were told he had CD. What causes it? 

Here are some possible causes:
*early maternal rejection
*separation from parents without an adequate caregiver
*abuse and violence
*parental mental illness

How is it treated?
There are no 'drugs' to fix it. 
There is counseling and family therapy but they don't always work. See, if the child isn't WILLING to take what they learn to heart and make the changes - what good is it?

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