Monday, August 2, 2010

Fair Prep

This is our first week off since we finished our school year. It is a crazy week trying to wrap up four kids fair projects. You know - make sure everything is framed, mounted, or otherwise ready to be displayed in an attractive manner. Plus record sheets for EVERYTHING completed, their folders neat, and feed records done. Whew! It CAN be stressful - and today has been. (in fact as I write this I'm helping Sis with auction letters that NEED to go in the mail TOMORROW since it's already so late) :S 
So today's post is going to be an easy one, here's a peek at what they have done this year. 
Bug & her basket

 Bug & Jamestown

Hunny & her leathercraft
Sis & her stained glass

Hunny & a t-shirt tote bag

Einstein with soap carving of the Parthenon
This is just a small sampling of their projects. They ARE pretty busy with them throughout the year!

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