Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fair Wrap up part 2

Here's more about Fair Week....
Wednesday started out slower - a good thing as our fridge quit and our morning was insane trying to save as much food as we could and getting it out of the house! 
Once we made it to the fair we had a bit of down time before the goat hand milking contest that Bug wanted so badly to participate in. :) We found out Tuesday that she could borrow a doe (Chip is a wether) to milk so she was VERY excited! lol. :) 

 Bug even drank the goat milk! She collected 3 ounces in 60 seconds. I thought that was pretty good. The winner collected 8 ounces (as a Sr she only had 30 sec.) but she is a last year 4H member and has milk goats of her own.
After we cleaned up the barn we had to help set up for the small animal auction. Sis sold a Silver Fox doe and Bug sold Chip. Our auction is one of the best in the state! Businesses and politicians come out and really support 4H and our kids. Typically the first auction is high dollar; $100 - 1,000 this year! Then most businesses don't want the animal so it goes to resale. This is where the kids (or others) can buy back their animal or purchase another. This sale is very reasonable with animals going for $5 - 40 typically. 

 Bug had a bidding number as there was a rabbit she wanted, and when Chip came back up for resale she grabbed it and bid on him! Sigh. What do you do at that point? So we are now in a scramble to find housing for him (and hopefully us!) Oh, she DID get her Himilayan doe he wanted. :) 

Thursday was our day in the FoodStand. I HATE working in there! Sigh. Hunny only made it two hours though so I did survive. Lol. The other girls worked their full shift. 

As a Cloverbud, Hunny could only wipe tables and trays. Sis was taking orders and helping fill the trays. Doesn't she look thrilled? lol. Bug was kind of in-between. She was in charge of keeping the condiment counter stocked so she got to go back and fill ketchup bottles and such. Made her happy since she really didn't want to be out on the floor with the Cloverbuds. :)

Friday was the day the littles had been looking forward to. It was Ride Day! :) Sis had done rides on Tuesday with friends and Einstein wasn't interested in them this year. We got together with some friends so the littles had fun. 

It was a really great day for the kids, they had a blast. 

Saturday was Small Animal Fun Day. Not sure why since it was only for goats it should have been called Goat Fun Day. :) They set up an obstacle course to run through with their animals and a costume contest. 

After the fun day we cleaned up the barn and had to set up for the awards program. Sis had gotten First Place Intermediate Rabbit Records so was getting an award.

Sunday was tear down the animal barn. Well, not literally! But we had to take down goat pens and empty out rabbit cages so they could be power washed and take down poultry pens. 

 The end of a great week full of memories. :)

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