Monday, August 16, 2010

Fair Wrap up part 1

It always amazes me that fair goes SO QUICKLY but seems to last SO LONG at the same time! We had a busy week and alot of fun! 

Saturday we entered still exhibits....
Hunny telling the Cloverbud judge about her Greek Mythological creatures
Bug sharing about Jamestown
Sis entering her duck tape creation - a vase and flowers
Einstein telling the judge about his peanut brittle

Sunday was animal entry day. They had to have health checks and be weighed before entering the barn.
Waiting with the buns
Weighing Chip

Monday was rabbit day starting with showmanship and then into breed classes. A LONG day! 
Sis got second place in showmanship for her class
And Bug got first place showmanship in her class. 

Tuesday was Cloverbud rabbit and goat day. Kind of crazy as Hunny and Bug were showing at the same times in different parts of the barn! Sis had to take over Hunny so I missed her :(
Hunny and her Cloverbud ribbon
 Bug got 3rd place in goat showmanship! She did a GREAT job. :)

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