Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... Is a calm morning. I hear a bird cawing and that is all. The sun is out but hidden behind a few clouds. The trees are swaying gently.

I am thinking... That I need to get Einstein up and head to the ranch to feed Chip and leave Einstein there for work. 

I am thankful for... 4H and all the opportunities it provides my family. 

From the learning rooms... No school this week - fair recovery! :) Sis is working on her Hebrew while her professor is in the state though! I will be spending time getting ready for our new school year starting next week. (which really doesn't seem possible!) 

From the kitchen... Coffee is ready! Need to go get a cup right now....
Aahhh.... Ok. My kitchen is a DISASTER! Ugh! The whole house is messy from the late nights, early mornings of last week, but my kitchen is the worst. 
See, our refrigerator died last week. We lost alot of food. The fridge is out of the house but we don't have another one yet. We are using a mini fridge in the living room to keep a few items and I have a shelf of things at a friends house that we were able to save. I have things setting around that belong on top of the fridge - I have no where to put them! Bread machine, crockpot (which will actually be used today), cook books and rolls of foil and plastic wrap. (I don't have cupboards to house these items)
I need to get a ham into the crockpot for tonights dinner. 

I am wearing... Black shorts and a orange-ish colored tank top.

I am creating... Lots of mental lists. 
Bug bought Chip back from the auction (unplanned!) and we need to figure out where/how to house him within a few weeks. We would like to move to the country (YAY!) but trying to figure that all out is a headache. What do we do with this place, how do we get financing, etc. Its difficult with low income and not great credit. Trying to list WHAT we are looking for, our most important needs, etc. Trying to purge unneeded items from here and make it more presentable. My mind is going 100 miles a second. 
Lots of mental lists...

I am going... To work outside today. Get into the garden, try to pick up what we can throughout the yard, etc. Also hope to at least start cleaning the dining room - where the tote of still exhibits and notebooks got placed and still sits.

I am reading... I will be starting Breaking Dawn of the Twilight Saga.

I am hoping... That the housing issue works out well and we get something that will fit our family, our budget and dreams. 

I am hearing... The dogs are starting to whimper their let me out sounds. The girls are now up and VERY loud! Sigh. It was quiet when I sat down here....

Around the house... There is LOTS to do. 

One of my favorite things... Sitting in the Small Animal Barn at the fairgrounds. It is very relaxing to sit there and...well, just sit. Watch people or read, listening to the animal sounds. It's not quiet really, with the people, critters and fan noises, but relaxing nonetheless.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Working around here, preparing for next week, work, and *hopefully* a beach trip! 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Isn't he just the cutest thing?! LOL. Tried attacking the camera but still very cute. :)

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