Thursday, September 1, 2011

2011 Schedule

We are SO not morning people!
We are SO not "schedule" people either!
That said, we DO need one...
 Especially with Einstein in public school. 
Or we won't get much accomplished, sigh.

So here is my tentative - tentative because all the "extra's" haven't come in yet - schedule for this year.
Morning - Monday thru Friday
6 am - I wake up (ugh! So early! Thank God for a timer on the coffee pot!)
6:30 - wake up Einstein
7 - Einstein leaves - he has to walk across town to catch the bus
7-8 on Mon, Wed & Fri - I NEED to be dedicated in wii fit then shower
Tues & Thurs - shower & I can play online
8 - girls wake up
8:30 - Breakfast
9 - dress & morning chores
9:30 - School starts
(I hope to always have my Bible time in the morning either while Einstein is getting around or while the girls are eating and doing chores)

Now our school days will look different.
The days I work are ALWAYS stressful and chaotic.

Work Days
9:30 - Math with Hunny
10 - Reading with Hunny
10:30 - Reading with Bug
11 - Get ready for work and leave
(while I am working one on one here the girls can work on individual things, or if finished can read or have free time)
11:30 - 12:15 - one girl on laptop doing SOS 
12:15 - 1 - the other girl gets laptop
(I will alternate days of who goes first. IF math gets finished before their 45 min is up they may play on the computer. If they aren't finished that becomes homework for later)
1 - lunch, computer, free time
2 - Latin
2:30 - Lit with Sis
3 - Hebrew with Sis
(those times are approximate. Will see how the lessons flow)

    Non Work Days
9:30 - Weaver studies
(this will be Bible, prayer, social studies, science, read alouds, spelling, grammar, etc.)
1 - Lunch, computer, free time
2 - Chemistry
3 - Photography (first semester) / Art (second)
 Individuals done when they fit, 
maybe before lunch or maybe as homework.

Evening Schedule
4 - Einstein gets home
5 - Evening chores
6 - Dinner 
7 - Dishes
8 - Rabbits & showers
9 - Girls' phones up! 
Bedtime for Einstein, Bug & Hunny.
Quiet time in room for Sis   
10 - Light's out for Sis

 So this is my goal for our days.
I desire to have as little stress in our home and school life as possible! 
I desire to get our schooling done AND have a relatively clean home AND down time to enjoy each other and our individual interests too! 
Seems like such a HUGE dream. 
I hope we can stick to this schedule and that it really does help us accomplish these things. 

Do you have a schedule?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your schedule. I am not homeschooling "yet", my son is 2, but I plan to homeschool & I love to see schedules. I am definitely the type thats needs to have a schedule.

  2. Thank you for visiting! We were able to follow fairly close today. I hope it improves! Enjoy your little one. Time goes so fast!