Friday, September 2, 2011

Photo Challenge - Summer Bag

This is my usual bag.
Meaning, it is usually the one I grab.
Of course it has lighthouses on it so I love it. :)
And it's packed, and I do mean PACKED with most everything I could possibly need on an outing.
And yes, it IS currently messy and unorganized.
There are coloring books and paper.
Foam 'puzzles' and models.
Hunny's DS and all her games.
Food like granola bars and fruit snacks.
Insurance cards.
Ink pens.
Cough Drops.
Little toys - animals and such.
Extra batteries.
It's usually ready to grab,
throw in my calendar and camera and out the door we go!
And it's great because there IS room if I need to add more stuff.
How awesome is that?

What's in YOUR summer bag?

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for the Summer Photo Challenge.


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