Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Voyager News - September Edition


We started out our school year with our local homeschool groups Kick Off event.
A fun event that takes place at an area park, 
Kick Off is a laid back picnic event. 
Families eat, play and catch up with each other, 
while meeting new friends.

We began back to school needing to finish the chapter we quit in the middle of. (not my intent to end there, but it happened)

So we are in Weaver Chapter 8 - 
The Parables of Jesus.
We do Weaver about 3 days a week.
This month we've done days 12 through 18.

Most of our Bible lessons have been taken from Matthew and Luke.
We've had some pretty good discussions about the meanings of these parables. 
I love discussing with my kids!

In Weaver science we've reviewed photosynthesis, and gone in depth into flowers and seeds,
even dissecting a seed pod.
Sis of course has extra supplement work to do digging even deeper into some topics. 
She has done an amazing job! 
Going above and beyond what was even assigned to her. 
This chapter also includes Money Management.
Really stressing how EVERYTHING is God's, on loan to us...
How we should be helping others,
giving to them...
and being faithful in the little things given to us before we will be entrusted with more.
There is really alot to learn here! 

~ Read Alouds ~
 From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - finished the final 2 chapters.
Little House in the Big Woods - have read Chapters 1 - 7.

In photography we have been learning about its early history.
We've been memorizing quotes that go along with the lessons - 
todays was "A picture is worth a thousand words",
and they've been learning words that relate to the art.
The people we've studied thus far -
Niepce, Daguerre and Fox Talbot and how they have influenced photography with their inventions.
They have done a few sketching and photography assignments,
as we learn about their equipment, and some lighting basics.

Now chemistry has been a HUGE hit!
After learning about the history of chemistry and exactly who can be a scientist, we've had fun assignments, games and labs.
They absolutely LOVE element bingo and beg to play it daily.
It's REALLY helping them to learn their periodic table.
The labs are FUN and very hands on!

We begun the year reviewing Latin.

Sis and I picked up where we ended in Lit - which is with reading The Wedding Dress by Marian Wells.
The story is set in a Mormon community so we've had lots of very good discussions. 

While we haven't made it real far in Hebrew we (meaning ***I***) have been trying to learn the alphabet.

We have gone on one field trip thus far,
to our local Civil War Muster.

We've had 16 school days this month.


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