Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Challenge - Summer Color

I LOVE the colors of summer.

The brilliant blue sky with big, fat, puffy, bright white clouds...
The glorious blaze of the sunset...

The dazzling turquoise of the water glinting with the sun...
The gorgeous John Deere Fields...

 John Deere Fields?

Yes, the deep, inviting green grass covered with the sunny yellow dandelions.
I didn't use to feel this way.
But then I had kids.

My kids LOVE dandelions.
I remember when they were little,
we were driving, and they pointed out a yard.
"Mom, isn't that just beautiful?! 
Look at ALL those dandelions!"

It touched me in that special way that only a childs words can.

Since then, I think of the John Deere Fields.
Green and yellow.
The colors of Summer.
They ARE beautiful.
And they remind me of how fleeting childhood is,
and the need to enjoy the little things.

I didn't have a decent picture of a John Deere Field, 
you'll have to pretend this is full of yellow dandelions!

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