Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am not INTO dinosaurs.


That said, I DO thing they are fascinating and I DO like to take my kids to go see them. :)

I DO believe that they were real.

I DO believe that God created them.

I do NOT believe it was millions of years ago! 

I am thankful we don't have to dodge man-eating dinosaurs in our daily living. :)

The girls and I joined some homeschool friends back in April and traveled to a nearby museum to see the latest dino exhibit.
Aside from all the "millions of years ago" balogna, 
it was really nice.

 Hunny LOVES watching The Land Before Time, 
so she really enjoyed this and related them to various characters from the story.

Hunny & Bug really enjoyed playing at the fossil table, where there were various things mixed in with some rocks they could dig through and magnifying glasses to check them out closer.

Sis and her friends LOVED the big 'sandbox' where you could 'dig' for dino bones. 
O.k, o.k., so she wasn't looking for dinosaurs but rather burying a friend but still.... 

Someday I really want to make the trip to the Creation Museum.
It would be great to get information from a Creation view.
Until then, I am thankful that we can at least SEE dino's up close like this visit.

Country Girl

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