Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Photo Challenge - Gardens

I wish I had a gardener.

I love pretty flower gardens
and bountiful vegetable gardens.

 I, however, do NOT have a green thumb! 

I have a hard time remembering 
what is what,
to weed, 
for that matter, 
KNOWING when to harvest.
But I try.

This house doesn't have much room for a veggie garden.
So I have just a small area.

Maybe someday I'll learn more,
retain more,
plant more.

For now, 
at least it's a start.

 My favorite lily.
Our pansies are a foot tall! 
Yay for bunny poo! lol.
 Beans, Squash & Peppers.
Squash, possible Potato(? surprise plant), Peppers & Cabbage.
Cucumber, Peas, Turnips, Rutabaga, Lettuce & Cabbage.
Tomato, Squash, Pumpkins & Strawberries.

Yes, things are pretty squished.
But that's how we attempt to deal with such a small space.
This is Bug's "grass garden". 
It started when we first moved here.
The other kids were getting space for a 4H project and not to be left out, Bug asked for some too! :) 
She wanted to see how tall grass would get if left unmowed.
We gave her this space.
It's next to the garden but unusable as the washer drain field is right here so we can't till or anything.
It's just stuck.
Kids will play all sorts of things in the tall grass,
and we always have grass available to pull for bunnies.
Oh, the goats love it too! 
Does anyone know what these are?
They grow along one side of the house
(not in a garden just wild and randomly).

How's your garden?

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  1. You have more than I do. Good job! I'm the same way. Each year is an experiment to see what we can grow.

    I love that orange lily. Those are my favorite.

  2. Thanks Lee. Yes, always an experiment. Plus trying to figure what else can get squeezed in and constantly thinking about how I could expand. I think orange lilies are gorgeous! Funny since I don't really like orange how I love them.... :)