Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Photo Challenge Intro

As ya'll know, I like blog challenges. :) 

(And as ya might have figured out, 
I often run late in my posts because,
... well.... 
this ISN'T my job....
my family is my job.
They come first and always will.
So while I INTENDED to post this the 10th...
it didn't happen. 
Now that that is done....)

I found this challenge when doing my blog reading. 
From Creative2xmom's blog - 
"Each week there will be an assignment to photograph an item or activity that means summer.  
You can journal with your entry or not.  
It's up to you. 
The point is to take the pictures, play with them, get behind that camera and capture what makes your family unique.  
Before you know it, you'll be looking at your summer in a whole new way."

June 10th--Your favorite Summer Accessory
June 17th--Show us your Garden
June 24th--What's in Your Fruit Basket?
July 1st--Show us some Outdoor play
July 8th (my hubby's birthday)--What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?  Or Summer Drink?
July 15th--What's on Your Front Door?
July 22nd--What's in Your Summer Bag? Where are You Going?
July 29th--Photograph that Summer Sky.
Aug 5th--What Color Means Summer to You?
Aug 12th--Photograph Something Wet.
Now doesn't this sound fun? 
Check out Creative2xmom and join us! 

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