Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something I regret

As I've been pondering this weeks challenge post, 
I've thought of many things I wish I had done/handled differently, or simply avoided, but as I've thought of each of these they all point to the biggest regret that I have.

I regret pulling away from God.

I look back and wish I had drawn closer to Him throughout my high school and early adult years as that would have changed many of those other regrets. 

In school, I felt it just wasn't "cool" to be a Christian and kept very quiet about that aspect of my life.
We had changed churches and I was upset over leaving my friends, instead of happy in my parents leading.
I refused to even THINK about youth camp - simply because it wasn't the one where *I* wanted to go. 
When my dad was called into ministry, instead of being happy that he was following God's call, *I* didn't want to move away from 'home' and I really didn't want to be lumped into the PK category! 
Entering collage, while I still lived at home I wanted to experience worldly things and didn't think about what God wanted. 
I see how those choices made my life very different from what it could have been.
I'm very grateful that my God loves me and has forgiven me of those stupid decisions. 
I regret that it took me so long to realize what was truly important and I pray that my kids don't look back at their life and have this same regret...

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