Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something I miss

Well, currently I miss *my* computer!
I shut it down the other night when we had a bad storm, and haven't been able to get it started since!
All my pictures and geneaology research.....
hopefully my dad can get it back!

Beyond that, there are a few things I miss.
I miss being a kid.
Not that I want to go through everything again,
but the thought of being carefree,
full of imagination and no worries...
That, I miss.

I miss my dog Cheyenne.
I can't share photos of her today, but will soon.
She was so very special.
You know, that "once in a lifetime" dog.
None can replace her.
Even Hunny, talks about her frequently, and she died over three years ago!

I miss my Grandpa.
We had a special bond between us and I miss him terribly.

I miss my kids being babies.
They have grown so quickly!
I miss snuggling them.


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