Monday, April 4, 2011

A pirates life for me.... part 2

Preparing for the History and International Fair...

Hunny and Good Ole Boy make a pirate ship!
This was supposed to have been done earlier when we studied ships....
but someone (SIS) threw away the oj containers 
(and I didn't catch them before they went into the burning barrel) 
We usually don't buy boxes of juice so had to wait for a chance to repurchase.
They had a great time making this and she loves playing with the ship!

Here they are working on the display board... 

Now Hunny is insistent that she dress up like a Mermaid....
Including red hair like Ariel! 
~Applying kool-aid to hair~
Put vaseline around hairline and ears to prevent them from turning color.
Use non-sweetened koolaid and make a paste.
We used 1 pack pink lemonade & 1 pack strawberry but since I added a bit too much water I also had to add a pack of cherry (just using what was on hand).
Cover with plastic and let sit.
The directions said overnight, but I wasn't thrilled with the idea of her SLEEPING with a bag on her head! So we just left it on all day (from about 9ish to almost 4). 
Fresh from the shower, she DOES look like Ariel! 

We get in on the fun too!

Here they are all set up and in costume.
This was a great night of sharing all the kids had learned and sampling fare from all the displays. 

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