Friday, April 8, 2011

The Master Bedroom

I don't have "after" pictures of this room because it's never been finished. 
It was another room that was decent and our goal was to do bare minimum there until the rest of the house was done. :)

Here's what it originally looked like.
It's a decent sized room and has three windows. 
It's right off the living room and the window there behind the door is on the front porch.
The walls were in excellent shape and the windows were good.

I scrubbed walls and ceiling (they must have been heavy smokers because the orange streaks were very thick on ceiling and walls! ALOT of scrubbing!), pitched the broken blinds and ripped out the yucky carpet.
 Under the carpet was this nasty tile, that is tarred down so there is no removing it.

Now, the wall (and a small section of the ceiling) there between Good Ole Boy and the window has been removed for heat ducts to run upstairs to Sis's room. So there are repairs needed for that.

Here's Good Ole Boy and Hunny preparing to lay some "new" carpet.
This carpet is a dark hunter green, which goes good with the walls being a burgandyish color.

We've decided when we get to work here again, we want a similar wall color and will decorate in a rustic cabin style. 

In the meantime, it's a functional room for us that was very easy to get ready for moving in.

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