Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Dreamhouse

While my dreamhouse pictures have changed throughout the years, many aspects remain the same.

My first memory of my dreamhome would be a Southern Plantation...
A large, spacious, beautiful and historic home.
(hidden passageways a plus) 
Maybe a curving stairway...
Beautiful lawns, trees, fields actually growing things and critters. 
Of course a creek, pond or some form of water would be available with trees and rope swings. 

The second memory of my dreamhome was that of a large country cabin.
Large, spacious, beautiful, and rustic.
High ceilings, big windows.
A beautiful lawn bordered by 
woods, fields and a creek.
Critters and a large garden. 
Places to run and relax. Fish and hunt.

The other home I remember dreaming of is an old farmhouse.
A large, spacious country home with a wrap around porch complete with white wicker furniture so I can sit and sip sweet tea while watching the kids play.
A spacious yard for them to run in. 
A large garden to provide most of our vegetables. 
Critters and chickens to provide our 
meat, eggs and dairy.
Fruit trees and woods for hunting.
A pond or creek for fishing, wading and frogging.
A long dirt drive...

So as I sit and think about today's post, I can say the style of HOUSE doesn't really matter, it's what the house represents that does. 

In each of my examples, 
I see a glimpse of days gone by. 
A step back in time.

And I see the similarities between each.

A large home - room for our family and guests. 
Space for each of us to spread our wings. 

A large yard - room for us to run and play.
I see family time. 

I see the desire to farm. 
To grow and produce what our family needs.
To step back from the dependence of modern society and become more self sufficient.
To PROVIDE for our family.

I see nature.
Scenes of God's creation all around.

I see privacy.
A place where the world in not encroaching upon us.
A place where we can get away from the bustle of modern life.

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