Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taxidermy Field Trip

Yesterday we went on an AMAZING field trip! 
I'm still in awe of everything we saw and learned. 
God's creatures are so diverse and beautiful, and the artists that can capture that are simply marvelous. 
We learned about the history of taxidermy - did you know General Custer was a taxidermist? 
Why is it done?
And how. 
We were taken into the workshops. In one, we learned how they use the forms and put the skins over them and how they are attached. In another, we watched as they worked on making imitation water buffalo horns. We learned how there are people who do the wood working. Making the stands and working on the habitats. And the last shop was where they finish - polish and paint, etc. 
We saw items in various stages of completion.
 It was fascinating!

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