Friday, October 15, 2010

Alpaca Field Trip

Last week we went on this great field trip. We had been to this farm for an event last year and the kids loved it, especially Hunny who MONTHS later was still talking about those llaaaaamas. (she insists on calling them that and drags out the 'A' - it sounds so funny and even associated them with a camel in a movie) So we were happy to go again. Honestly, alpacas are so cute - how could anyone not want an opportunity to go see them?! 

We enjoyed learning about alpacas; what other animals they are related to, where they come from, their habits, etc. The farm recently had some babies so we were able to see and pet them. 
We then were told about alpaca wool. We got to see & feel it, see cleaned alpaca yarn, some products made using it and then the kids were able to make a felted ball. 

So thankful for opportunities to learn about Gods wonderful creations!

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