Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Making your Home a Haven Challenge

So the candle has been burning. 
Will probably need a new one soon. 
I've been praying for peace.
Hasn't been peaceful lately though. 

I've been playing music and trying to speak quietly, calmly, and lovingly....and reminding those who haven't been.

Last week I found a laundry basket for Good Ole Boy's uniforms and that has been ok. Still doesn't seem ideal but they are off the floor. It's been a very busy week so I haven't gotten as much organized and sorted this past week as I would have liked to.

Now for this weeks challenge.

 Courtney suggests a pillow fight, back rubs, cozy evenings of hot cider & caramel corn. During some quiet moments ask them about the challenge and how they feel. Are there changes they would like? Then LISTEN. 
So, I have my work cut out for me. :) 
Einstein does NOT like to be touched so that will prove interesting. 
I am going to *TRY* to show them extra love physically this week by hugs, back rubs & holding hands. 
I am going to try and have extra special quiet (or not so quiet) moments with them. A pillow fight? AH.... probably not! (can you say broken ceiling fan, windows & tv?!) But maybe a tickle fest? We'll have to see what I can come up with there. A cozy night of pillows, cider & popcorn does sound very nice though. 
Lots to think about and see what I can implement into our home. 

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