Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Simple Woman's DayBook


Outside my window...It's a warm sunny day.
90% humidity so we have a feels like temp of 97'.
Two youngest and I sat in the sprinkler most of the afternoon.
The sprinkler is now on the garden and all is quiet outside.

I am thinking... Of what needs to be done tonight for our trip tomorrow.

I am thankful... That we made it home today without running out of gas. :) 
Miscalculated what was in the tank and how far we needed to go - gas light came on and we weren't even half way home yet! Whoops! (and of course NONE of us had any cash on us, lol)

From the learning rooms... Lots of animal science this week! :) lol.
Fair prep.

In the kitchen...Beef Stew is in the crockpot, 
cornbread in the oven 
and Einstein is doing dishes.
Sis already swept, 
and cleaned the kitchen box.

I am wearing...Black shorts and coral colored tank top (both still wet!).

I am creating... Just working on fair lists.
What needs to be purchased, photos needing printed, invitations needing mailed.
Mostly things being told TO me rather than me coming up with.

I am going...To dread getting up at 4 am!

I am wondering...About getting chickens.
I'd LOVE them (as would Bug) 
but Good Ole Boy wonders if it's really a savings over buying eggs?
We pay $2 - $2.50 for a dozen for the better eggs 
(free range, etc depending on what store I'm at)
We could easily go through 2 or 3 dozen a week.

I am reading... Dogwood by Chris Fabry

I am hoping...That God provides Good Ole Boy with a better job.

I am looking forward to...More great summer days.

I am hearing... Hunny is watching Little House on the Prairie.

Around the house...Been working on laundry,
garden, goats, rabbits.
Alot of the other inside stuff has kinda been pushed for being outdoors.

I am pondering... WHERE did my bag of flour go?!

One of my favorite things...My kids laughter.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Trip tomorrow to University for Einstein, Work, Basket class, Horse lessons, Small Animal Clinic, Church, Fair Royalty Announcement, Working with goats.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


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