Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Driveway Safety Tip

Good Ole Boy is a mechanic.
He works on most anything that has a motor.
Today, I want to share a tip that he came up with 
that I thought was creative and useful. :)

Jacks scare me.
We have kids, 
we have critters,
and well, 
accidents happen.
I don't want Good Ole Boy,
any of the kids,
or any of the critters to get hurt or killed 
by a vehicle falling on them.

So Good Ole Boy has a clutch job to do.
Here's what I walked out and saw...
I love it! 
He had jacked the car up, 
and then slid two old tires under it (on both sides) 
and then he could take the jack out. 
There is no way the car could fall by being bumped 
or a cat jumping on it! 
It is so sturdy.
And really, how simple was that? 

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