Friday, July 22, 2011

Obesity and the government

There has been alot of talk about this lately.
The government removing obese kids from homes.
Where will government stop?
Oh wait, I don't think it will.

I have issue with this.

I have struggled with my weight since I was at least 11 years old.
I remember joining Weight Watchers at 11 so I must have had the problem prior to that age.
I remember feeling mortified that in 6th grade I weighed what the 'cute' boys did - 140 lbs.

Was this my parents fault?

I don't think so.
My mom has a weight problem and both sets of grandparents were (or had been) heavy.
Because of my moms weight issues, she was very conscious of food.
Many weight watcher recipes.
Fresh fruit and veggies.
We had a garden, and she canned from the garden.
We ate alot of wild game and fish caught by us.
Snacks were limited.
We (my brother and I) ASKED before we got into food.
We were told NO sometimes.
Outdoor play was encouraged.
Riding bikes, climbing trees, going for walks, just playing outside.

My dad and brother were always thin.
My mom and I were always not.

I think of my childhood and how awful I would've felt had the government taken me away because of my weight.
I've always struggled with self worth.
Boy that would have thrown me over the edge! 
Talk about feeling worthless! 
I would have been devastated! 

While yes, I think sometimes obesity could be parents giving food instead of love, I also think that in many more instances it is not.
It just happens.
Genetics can't be controlled. 
I think the government is overstepping it's bounds.
Just my thoughts today,


  1. I have major issues with this as well.
    1) I dont believe for even a second that the govt cares about obesity. All they want is control. Soon teaching your child the Bible will be labeled child abuse. If the govt did care about obesity they should ban bad ingredients in food-like hydrogenated oils & HFCS & other things of that nature.
    2) the trauma to the child by being uprooted from parents & placed in foster care is not worth the end result. I know there are good foster parents out there but there are plenty of bad only in it for the money. And even if theyre good ones its still traumatic to the child. And whose to say the child will actually even lose weight in the foster home?
    3) and doing this is going to teach the child WHAT about their body image? Dont we already have ENOUGH body image issues in the world? I know the point is HEALTH but I dont think a child will interpret it that way.

  2. Frau Guten Tag,
    Thank you for sharing. I totally agree with your thoughts. I hope the government listens to our views regarding this!
    Thank you for visiting. :)