Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It seems gloomy - they are calling for rain later. The tree is swaying so there is a breeze and it's cooler out there than inside. I have the door open for that. It is very quiet.

I am thinking... Of many things. I have a headache already due to all the wheels clacking in my head!

I am thankful for... My family. My husband and children mean the world to me and I feel so Blessed to have them. 

From the learning rooms... We are learning about the solar system in both Weaver and Interlock. Latin is going well. Sis is doing well in literature. For as bored as she appears in 'class' I do believe she enjoys it. She has started a blog of her own and some of her writing assignments will be done there. All other subjects are progressing too. Hunny went to her first karate class yesterday. I really hope to be able to attend them on a regular basis this year, Bug loves karate. We haven't gotten off to a real good start schedule wise. Lots of interruptions from Einsteins school registration to Sis not feeling well to Dr appointments. Sigh. 
From the kitchen... Coffee is made. Yay! Einstein did a few dishes up this morning and they are drying in the rack. Bug is out making breakfast. Good news - we have a refrigerator! Woohoo! Now when I have some time I need to get everything put back into it's proper location.

I am wearing... P.j's. Still need to hit the shower. 

I am creating... My morning schedule. I have been trying to get up earlier this week - not going well, NOT a morning person! - to get Einstein up and somewhat into routine before he starts school next week. Trying to figure how best to get him moving and myself ready for the day with some quiet time before the girls wake up. Ideas?

I am going... To try and practice karate with Bug and Hunny. I decided this yesterday. LOL. We shall see how that goes! I would like to attend class but refuse until I lose weight. But maybe practicing with them will help that? Or maybe it will kill me? One or the other I'm sure. Haha. I'll let you know IF that goes....

I am reading... Breaking Dawn. Finally had some time to start it. Very good thus far. 

I am hoping... To create a peaceful home environment! I had introduced the "WHEEL OF PEACE" to the girls a few months ago. We were talking about home being peaceful and loving in school and I love using the wagon wheel as a symbol. The hub of the wheel is the family. Each spoke stands for something - kindness, responsibilities, sharing, not arguing, being helpful, etc. Remove a spoke and the wheel doesn't turn so well does it? But if all the spokes are operating correctly then the wheel will turn easily. There has been lots of bickering this summer and I DETEST it! (in fact, Bug and Hunny were fighting over donuts when I got to this section which is why I picked it, lol!) So last week I had assigned them the task of drawing the wheel nice and neat and large. We will be working on each spoke for awhile. Emphasizing each trait and how we can improve individually and as a family. I would like them to look up scriptures about each to reinforce the importance of each. Hopefully this will help. How have you created peace amongst your children? I'd love to hear. 

I am hearing... The girls, sigh. Bug has her DS out and Hunny is chattering. The fan is making it's noises, that you'd think I'd be used to by now.

Around the house... Lots to do. Mount Washmore is screaming to be attended to. I did not get my loads in yesterday with karate and doctor appointments keeping us out all day. Still trying to go thru stuff to get rid of. General messiness from family life. Our kitty is huge and should have kittens here real soon. She has an unplanned pregnancy as  we had gobs of rain and didn't know our roof leaked in the mudroom (our roof is only four years old) and the ceiling collapsed and she got out - oops. Sigh. The kids have been fascinated with the kittens kicking their hand though and Mystic has been patient enough to let them sit for long periods of time with their hands on her belly. :)

One of my favorite things... The noises Chip makes while eating. I often lay beside him when Bug feeds him and he makes the cutest sounds. :) 

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, work, finishing Chips pen so he can come home.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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