Friday, September 3, 2010

The kittens have arrived!

Getting ready for bed last night, I turned to shut off the light and discovered a LARGE wet spot on our bed. Mystic's water had broken. Funny how she never gets on our bed..... it's like she was trying to tell us, "HEY! Are you gunna help me?!" 
So we had a LONG night. But it was exciting. We have never had kittens. Once when I was a kid my cat was pregnant, but that was a horrible experience, one I never wanted to repeat. Like I said in an earlier post - Mystic accidentally got pregnant. She has a belly button hernia, we didn't want to chance it and had plans on getting her spayed. Besides, we didn't want to deal with finding homes for a liter. Sigh.
 She had four babies. Here is a newborn picture taken at 2:40 this morning shortly after baby four.

All of them are different as you can see. So precious. :) Our guess is two little girls and two little boys. It amazes me how people can hurt something this small and defenseless. Life is such a beautiful gift. 

 Here they are later today, clean and dry and snuggly.

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