Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Vacation we've taken

One vacation we've taken as a family was to Arkansas, way back in March of 2002.
It was extra note-worthy as this was days after getting Einstein full time.

We drove, all five of us in our mini van. :) 
Stayed in a motel with a bed in the wall, lol. 

It was beautiful.
 We learned about the history here and walked the trails, which were really nice.

This was SO cool! 
We brought some beach equipment and got to dig in the dirt.
Didn't find anything but had fun. :)

Finally, we stopped at the Zoo in Crossett.
A small zoo, but did the trick in letting the kids see some animals. 
I remember they had beautiful peacocks roaming around. 
Sis was fascinated by the albino one. :) 
Here's Bug, already intrigued with the goats, lol.

I would like to go back, there is much more that I would like to see in Arkansas and now that the kids are bigger they could learn so much more. 
What was a memorable vacation YOUR family took? 
Country Girl


  1. Look how little the kids are! So cute!! It looks like you all had a lot of fun. :) We've had some fun vacations, but I think the most memorable was Anna's Make A Wish trip. We were flown out to L.A. and she was able to meet Zac Efron.

  2. I know. They grow much faster than the memories age...

    Oh wow! Yeah, that would top any and all of ours! lol. :)