Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tex Mex Rice

So when the cupboards are low and you don't know what to make, you begin to get creative right? lol. :)

One of my recent creations that turned out pretty yummy, I decided to call Tex Mex Rice.

*Burger, browned, seasoned however you like (can you see that I like pepper?) with some onions to irritate children but please the hubby
*A can of corn
*A can of black beans
*A can of diced tomatoes - ours were spicy
(I drained the corn but not the beans or tomatoes)

Mix the above into a batch of rice.

We had shredded cheese over top, because well, we have cheese with most everything! lol.

I'm thinking this would even be a good taco filling, but is great as it is.
You could serve with tortilla chips or maybe some corn bread.
This WILL be an added recipe as we all enjoyed it.
I love it when my creations are not only edible, but enjoyed!
Country Girl

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