Monday, November 12, 2012

Voyager News - October Edition


October. A crazy month!

Weaver Vol 5, Ch 12 
Days 16 - 20 (finished).

Bible lessons have been in Matthew and then review.
The review was great as this chapter has lasted SO long!

Social Studies continued learning about the war up to 1916.
We discussed weapons of war and how drastically warfare has changed from the Civil War with the new inventions in weaponry and technology. We learned of President Wilsons Peace Plan, and about many innovations and inventions during this time period.

By the Shores Of Silver Lake Ch. 1 - 4
In His Steps Ch. 14 - 18
The Robe Pgs. 113 - 152

We haven't gotten much of our other sciences done this month, some minor things and review time mostly.

In Art we have worked with the mediums of Pastel Chalk and Black Markers. 

PE has been soccer, running, bike riding and wii fit/sports.

Lit with Bug has been continuing Indian in the Cupboard and we have read Ch 11 and 12 this month.
For Sis, we have only done lesson 51, but she has read a bit more of Jane Eyre and has been working on lots of writing assignments.
Hunny is still not extremely structured but has been reading very well.

Home Ec was lots of baking for a Civil War event, cookies and making Cinnamon Crusties.
We have also been really busy crafting, knitting and sewing, and doing deep cleaning, reorganizing and decorating.

In Calligraphy we have worked on Ch 4 and 5.

We also participated in a Civil War Muster which was three days of Living History, Drama, Nature Study, and PE. 

We had a Homestead Work Day and completely cleaned the shed, packed up summer outdoors things, cleaned the chicken coop, packed both the coop and goat shed with straw, cut down some trees, etc. 

19 School Days this month.
(36 total)


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