Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Simple Woman's DayBook

For Today

Outside my window...It is a crisp, cold morning. Everything is brown, there are leaves scattered all around.
By the door is this wreath Bug made.

I am thinking...About this election.
We will be deciding the fate of our country today, that is a big responsibility. I pray that as a nation, we choose God honoring leaders and laws. 

I am thankful...For the men who have sacrificed to give us the freedom to vote for our leaders.

In the kitchen...Coffee. 

I am wearing...Black fuzzy plaid shirt, Blue jeans, tennis shoes, Shawl and Prince Aiden is laying on me.

I am creating...Quite the list of things to make.

I am going...To vote!

I am Wondering...How come all three dogs have ear infections?

I am reading...
Village Life in America...
Mine is the Night
By the Shores of Silver Lake - School
In His Steps - School
The Robe - School
Indian in the Cupboard - Lit with Bug

I am hoping...Sis feels better soon!

I am looking forward to...Learning about goats this weekend.

I am learning...More of the same.

Around the house...Pretty much all of the Halloween things have been packed up and taken back downstairs. Working on the Thanksgiving decorations. Having a lazier morning and girls are still in pjs and hidden among piles of blankets and pets.

I am pondering...The future of our Nation.

A favorite quote for the day...

One of my favorite things...The smell of a campfire. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...Cleaning/Decorating, Doctoring, School, Group for Einstein, and 4-H Goat Training.

A peek into my day...
My baby girl not feeling well.
The Dr said there was anti-swelling medication in the IV and not to expect much until Wednesday night/Thursday....I sure hope she doesn't swell more! 
She also has bruising along her cheeks and is in a lot of pain. 
It makes me so sad to see my kids hurt.




  1. Found your blog on the simple womans day blog. Just wanted to say that I hope you daughter starts feeling better soon! Sending Prayers your way. God Bless and Keep Smiling!

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  3. So glad you stopped by Jenni! Thank you so much. Turns out she had a reaction to the medication and once we stopped that she has improved quickly. Thank you! :)

  4. Seltzer, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad that my ramblings have been helpful!