Sunday, October 7, 2012

Voyager News - September Edition


Our first month was pretty different. 
We spent our first day just having an overview and then walking to the millpond for a photo shoot.
 Then we also had our homeschool groups kickoff event.

Again, we started school in the middle of a chapter. 

Weaver, Vol. 5, Ch 11
Again, we do Weaver three days a week.
This month we have done days 8 - 15.

Our Bible lessons have been from Matthew and we have been discussing the few days right before the crucifixion.

In Social Studies we have been learning about life after 1865 up to WWI.
We have talked about inventions and got to sample some fun ones, like malted milk balls and chewing gum. 
We have learned about the Allies, Central Powers and discussed President Wilson.

~ Read Alouds ~ 
On the Banks Of Plum Creek Ch. 32 - Finish
In His Steps Ch. 6 - 13

The other subjects (which are alot!) -
 Bug has General Science.
We have finished module 1.
Both girls have Chemistry and we did a lot of review.
Calligraphy we have done Ch. 1 - 5 (some was review).
Art we have worked with Charcoal and Pastels. 
Latin we spent some time reviewing.
 Sis is learning Sign Language and has been working on Ch. 1
PE has been walking, running, riding bikes, playing on the wii and soccer.
Lit with Bug. Currently we are reading Indian In the Cupboard, and have read up through Ch. 10.
Lit with Sis, we reviewed Frost and then have worked on lessons 48 - 50.
Lit with Hunny hasn't been to structured yet.
Psychology with Sis. Ch 1 - 3. 
Home Ec we have done lots of baking for Civil War Events like bread, banana bread, zucchini bread, cookies, tea cakes, scones, etc. and then we learned how to make oven fried chicken.
Geography has been tied in quite a bit with Weaver and then we've played some State/capital BINGO. 

We participated in a Civil War Muster, which was four days of Nature study, physical ed, living history, and drama.

Sis's beau, Warrior Poet is involved in a Barbershop group. He took us out for a day of culture.
It was GREAT! 

We have also had many Dr appointments and quite a few court dates that have interfered with school. 

17 School Days this month.


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