Thursday, October 4, 2012

Home Sweet School 2012

Wow. I can't believe another school year is here! 
I can't believe school has been in session for a month! 
Time sure flies! 

My homeschool voyagers of 2012-2013

Sis is 15 and a Junior.

Bug is 12 and in 7th Grade.

Hunny is 7 and in Second Grade.

We are planning an amazing year together! 

Einstein age 16 and a Sophomore. 
Although he started the year in our public school, 
we've been dealing with some pretty extreme behaviors and he is currently attending a court ordered day treatment program so his schooling in done there. We hope that he will be able to finish the program and return to his regular school yet this year. 

Did you take first day pictures? 
The girls and I had a GREAT time on our photo shoot! 
Something we need to do more often.


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