Sunday, April 8, 2012

Voyager News - March Edition


This month was spent on a rabbit trail, or independent study, not sure exactly what to call it.
Basically, we skipped Weaver and focused on our topics for our homeschool groups History & International Fair. 
So Sis studied 'Etiquette of the Victorian Era', and the other two 'Ireland'. 
Of course, the basics of math and reading continued....

 For our Bible lessons, we did a study on the book of Esther that The Time-Warp Wife was doing. We really enjoyed that and learned alot. Of course, we had to finish our study with... 
...a favorite dvd! 

We have continued putsing on the temple model but it's not finished yet.

Home Ec has been making things related to their studies.
We have made Muligan Stew, Banoffe Pie, Toffee Shortbread, Colcannon, Corn Beef & Cabbage, Whiskey Glazed Corned Beef and Scones. 

Our Read Alouds were Little House on the Prairie, 
Ch 25 - Finish, 
and On the Banks of Plum Creek, 
Ch 1 - 17.

We finished our photography study!
We learned about Joe DiMaggio, Anne Geddes & Pete Souza.
Rules for landscape photos and how to capture water motion were also discussed. 

I didn't worry about writing and grammar lessons as they were writing alot already between working on their boards and the Ireland Lapbooks, but I wanted to mention....
last month I told you how Bug was working alot on an essay for 4H, well, she WON! So she gets to represent our county at a state awards program this summer! :)

Sis and I finished Great Expectations in Lit.

As the weather has gotten nicer we've gotten some PE time in outdoors, playing and taking walks.
Ball practice has started for Bug.

Bug got two new goats so time was spent bottle feeding, caring for them and we even had to take one to the vet already!

Then our Homeschool Group had its History & International Fair at the end of the month. 
The girls did great!
I was really proud of all they had learned this past month. I know we could of spent WAY more time on our studies as I only touched the tip of the iceburg on Ireland and I'm sure Sis could have dug even more info up on the Victorian Era (she did her study ALL on her own). 

We have still been dealing with health problems and we had many Dr appointments throughout the month too. 

16 School Days this month.
(117 total)


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