Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to make a Goat Coat

As a non-sewer, I will say this is pretty easy! 

I came across this article searching the net (original article found here). Not sure what I was searching at the time, but decided it would be a good idea to print off the directions and hang onto them. Figured it'd be a good idea to make coats since you never know when something may happen, and I don't like being stuck wishing I would have thought ahead. Plus we do get some pretty cold days/nights during winter and they might be helpful.

I went to Salvation Army and picked up two fleece blankets. I didn't care the color/design. The red one was $1.50 and the pink basketball one was $2. Keep your eyes open at thrift stores or garage sales. I saw no reason to spend big bucks on fleece by the yard! I'm cheap. Plus I figured if I ruined them (or the boys did!) I wasn't out much. 
I discovered a small hole (cigarette burn?) in the red blanket, but figured I could work around that.

I laid the blanket out on the floor and used a yard stick to kinda measure. I discovered the blankets weren't square....
BUT I did the best I could. 
I cut a rectangle according to the goats measurements. 
You will measure from withers to rump and then from elbow to elbow.
Then there is just a little cut and some simple sewing to do.
 Trim at the withers to comfortably fit around the neck.
(Our goats have been disbudded, if you are working around horns you may need a larger neck opening.)
Sew the front seam together.
The belt will attach on the inside.
I placed it far enough forward that they wouldn't pee on it!
One side was sewn to the coat, the other I sewed shoelaces on, to tie the belt to the coat. (I cut one shoelace in half and sewed half to the belt and half to the coat)

And that's it! 
Wasn't that easy?! 
Bonus - I was able to get TWO coats out of each blanket! 
Now I did have to shorten some of the belts as they would somehow work their legs out but Chips fit perfectly.
We had some REALLY cold weather so they did wear them some. 
I tossed them in the washer with my towel loads and they came out beautiful. 

Here's the boys ~
 I felt good knowing that they had an extra layer when the temperatures plummeted and am happy to know that should anyone get sick we have a way to help warm them.



  1. Okay, that's the coolest idea ever! I am so doing that this fall for our goats!

    1. I'm glad that you found it useful! :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!