Friday, April 6, 2012

Things I've Learned From Laura

Little House on the Prairie
(Sadly, the copy I was able to pick up was not the one illustrated by Mr. Williams. I much prefer the ones with his drawings!)

* Ch. 1 Going West - Not really something I learned, but something Laura said that stuck with me - 
"Then Ma said, "Laura." That was all, but it meant that Laura must not complain. So she did not complain any more out loud, but she was still naughty, inside. She sat and thought complaints to herself."

*Ch. 5 The House on the Prairie - "It was strange and frightening to be left without the wagon on the High Prairie. The land and the sky seemed too large, and Laura felt small. She wanted to hide and be still in the tall grass, like a little prairie chicken. But she didn't....."
So, what is a Prairie Chicken?
I guess, I'd always just pictured a wild chicken.....
A quick swagbuck search shows me that they are a Grouse.

*Ch. 6 Moving In - 
"Eat your breakfasts quickly," Ma said, putting the last of the rabbit stew on their tin plates...."
This just surprised me that rabbit stew was considered for breakfast. 

*Ch. 7 The Wolf Pack - "It was a big pack," Pa said. "All of fifty wolves, and the biggest wolves I ever saw in my life. Must be what they call buffalo wolves. Their leader's a big gray brute that stands three feet at the shoulder, if an inch....."
So I wondered what a buffalo wolf was.....they are also called the Great Plains Wolf.

*Ch. 8 Two Stout Doors - "Breakfast was ready. When Pa came back from the creek they all sat by the fire and ate friend mush and prairie-chicken hash....."
Ok, we have fried mush once in awhile, but what is prairie chicken hash? Is it like corn beef hash? (LOVE that!)
While not listed for PRAIRIE chickens, I did find a Chicken Hash Recipe that I would like to try some time. 

*Ch. 12 Fresh Water To Drink - "Every morning, before Pa would let Mr.Scott go down the rope, he set a candle in a bucket and lighted it and lowered it to the bottom..." This detects gases in the ground. I've also heard of some (coal miners especially) that used canaries for this.

*Ch. 18 The Tall Indian - At the end of this chapter Pa sings a song about Alfarata. I found this information on the song that is actually called The Blue Juanita. 

*Ch. 24 Indians Ride Away - Pa meets an Osage Indian...."Soldat du Chene." Pa said his name was...." This is what I found about him. 

*Ch. 25 Soldiers - Loved this quote from Pa... "Ma sighed gently and said, "A whole year gone, Charles." But Pa answered, cheerfully: "What's a year amount to? We have all the time there is." 

So, have you read Little House on the Prairie recently? What was your favorite part in this story? Did you learn anything new?


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