Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Simple Womans DayBook


Outside my window...It's been a beautiful day! 
This morning the sky was streaked with pink - gorgeous.
We hit 50' from all reports I've heard. 
That is crazy for our weather....BUT I'LL TAKE IT!! 

I am thinking...About iron and protein...

I am thankful...That we have friends and family who care.

In the kitchen...Day dishes have been washed, beans are still simmering.

I am wearing...Black hoodie t-shirt, blue jeans, tennis shoes.

I am creating...Well, I *need* to be creating my seed shopping list. I need to map out where things are going and get things in order. 
I just haven't started yet... 

I am going...To a homeschool moms tea tonight.
Looking forward to getting with these ladies, it's been awhile. 

I am wondering...Where are baby bunnies are?
I expected at least the two litters by now... 

I am reading...The Centurions Wife
Little House on the Prairie - school 
The New Way Things Work - school 
Great Expectations - Lit with Sis
Detached by Jessie Hogsett

I am hoping... That we get to the bottom of Sis's medical issues.
That God provides Good Ole Boy with a better job.
I am looking forward to...Our tax return!

I am learning...Currently researching anemia and iron rich foods.

Around the house...Kids are watching Land Before Time.

I am pondering... What are the right choices in health care for our family?

A favorite quote for today... "I love you mom."

One of my favorite things... Melting snow dripping off the roof on a warm day.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Bunnies, School, Work, Dinner with friends, Church.

A peek into my day...


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